How you can participate...why we'll all benefit
  • Local re-investment: Where do proceeds go?
Profit from hoodies, shirts and specialty items purchased by readers within a forecast zone will be DIRECTLY RE-INVESTED into services for all within that zone. We also welcome non-item contributions. Learn about our tax-deductible options: leadership@footsforecast.org
  • Innovation with impact: Got a neat idea for a product or service?
Field that proposal to the Authentic Weather Team, we'll bring it to a vote and introduce to readers. If your idea gains support, it becomes a test product (and you get free samples to share with friends!) Start it up: store@footsforecast.org
  • Passion + Collaboration: Been a long-time loyal reader?
If you would like to get more involved in the team, consider a role as Advisor or Investor. Open a dialogue with our Advisory Board: leadership@footsforecast.org